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Coaches and managers! You need to register online and do the concussion course and risk management. If you have done the concussion course just upload your new certificate but you have to redo your risk management each year.  Links are below

Concussion Safety

Concussions MUST be taken very seriously. Putting a player back in a game with a concussion --- even a mild one --- puts them at great risk for life-long disabilities and/or fatal consequences. A concussion must be fully healed before returning to action, and only a trained physician can make that call. Coaches must protect the player from further harm and immediately remove the player from action if any symptoms appear. It is important to note that some symptoms may not appear for 24 hours, so you should take a conservative approach if you witness any head trauma. Likewise, parents must support the decision of the coaches to remove players from games if injury is suspected.

Remember, all coaches and managers with Southern WV Fusion and within the WV Soccer Association organization must complete their online concussion training and certification.  You will not be able to participate or coach at any tournaments or events until this is completed and uploaded into your state profile. The following tab will take you to the CDC online concussion certification and training for your state records.


Risk Management Link


Coaching Videos (great ideas and info passed along from Coach Hans)

SKILLS CIRCUIT- Touch Every Step - Coach Ben Kamara
SKILLS CIRCUIT- Touches and Movement- Coach Ben Kamara
Touches w/ Pressure, Coach Hans Etienne
PASSING- Ball Out of Air, Coach Fernando Ramos